Sound Stories
Team Project 2018/2019
Collaboration with IXD.
A feeling of togetherness.
Spending time with children and listening to them is a proven
method to get them to calm down and relax. Moreover these kinds
of activities are meaningful to their growth and creates a stronger
bond between parent and child for the future.

Parents can use Sound Stories as an inspiration to create
bedtime stories with their child.
A moment of importance.
A moment where the child feels important and gets the
opportunity to build a world with their parent. When a child
is happy, sad or angry all they want is to be heard. While using
‘Sound Stories’ the child gets to be an active participant in the
storythat is being created by giving them the opportunity to
pick the character they would want to hear about.

An opportunity to refocus and calm down.
A calm experience where kids can relax to ambient nature sounds
as they go to sleep. The whole process of telling a story helps a child
refocus and feel relaxed. The ambience of the story echos in the
background while they sleep.

An evening with Sound Stories.
How to use Sound Stories:
Set  the Environment
Once you turn on the device the first thing you
do is create the ambience for where you want
your story to set in. The user can rotate the dial
to choose from various nature sounds like rain,
a fire place, meadows etc.

Pick your Story
Once you set the environment you can select
the elements that you want for your story and start
placing them in the slots. On placing the cube in
the slot you hear the sounds of the character or
action you have picked. On tapping the block you
can momentarily hear that sound louder again.

Going to Sleep
Nature sounds are known to calm the mind and
relax you. On finishing the story you can press
the timer button which fades out the character
sounds to only play the ambient nature sounds
that the child can fall asleep to.